Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shop Designerless

Hey guys, I just wanted to give yall a sneak peak at what I'm gonna start sellin on ebay pretty soon here. When I have all of it posted I'll give a link and photos of everything for sale. There's alot and there's some really good stuff so be prepared!

Forever 21 Mini skirt
Size: Medium

American Eagle Wedges
Size: US 7.5

Vintage Le Suit Petite Jacket
Size: US 6Petite (fits like a small)

Vintage Spirit Denim Shirt
Size: US Men's Medium (fits like a large)

Vintage Premium l.e.i DIY cutoffs
Size: US7

So make sure to look out for these and much more stuff coming soon.

And as a side note, I wanted to show you guys my latest drawings. Hope you like!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photobucket Addict

Just messin around with some photos.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maxi Dresses!

belted maxi dress
5 GBP -
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Border Flower Maxi Dress - Women's Clothing and Apparel - Chic...
$69 -
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O boy do I LOVE these things!! If you have the money I would especially recomend the two on the right, they are gorgeous. But if you're like me, then the first two are still amazing. I love the forever21 dress and I'm actually expecting to buy it. The picture doesn't do it justice though so go to the site to really see it and LOOK AT THE BACK!! amazing!!

This is my fave tho..

It's from Victoria's secret

I actually just bought a maxi dress for $15 at TJ Maxx. I hope to have a pic of it soon. I'm in love with it.

Again I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger. But whoever actually reads this please please please..


I think I neeed the encouragement. I love blogging but I kind of wish I could get more people to support Designerless and see its full potential.

Thanks to the people who do leave amazing comments. I guarantee I have looked at all your blogs and loved every one!

Thank you,