Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion Illustration

Hey I know I have left you all with empty promises of posts and disappeared for almost a month, but I finally had some time to do a quick post.

Well, as you know by now, I live in a place that has nothing related to fashion going on whatsoever. So, when I found a fashion illustration class in Portland, Oregon I immediately signed up. It was a long comute but totally worth it. It was just two days this weekend--6 hours each. I learned so much! And i wanted to share it with you.

I have some photos of what we did. Feel free to use (ONLY) the [static poses] to help your own designs! :)

Front View (static)

My 1st Attempt

2nd Attempt (w/clothes)

Side View (static)

Back View (static)

Front Face View (static-ish)

Side Face View (static)

Our final project was to do side, back, and front view croquis (cro-key). They are forms that you sketch out with only the balance leg (leg with weight on it), so that you can trace them for future reference and be able to move the second leg wherever you want without worrying about the figure looking like it's going to fall over.


Well, that's it! It was super fun. So remember, you can use all the ones marked "static" (also found as one of the pages on this blog if you're not sure which ones you can use). The rest belong soley to me.

One extra little note: I just went shopping while I was in Portland so I should have an outfit post up soon. I definitely need to show you my homecoming dress :)!

Stay Chic, Chickies!