About Moi

Hey Chickies! (or dudes ;) haha).
So this is my first ever blog; exciting I know! I'm not exactly sure how to do this sort of thing so..hang with me here. I might come off as a little scatter-brained at times. Maybe it's just a blonde thing, who knows.
Anyways, as I stray away from my senseless rambling, I am a highschool student who has within the last year succombed to the world of fashion. I can't seem to help myself. It's all around me. For hours on end I would look at hundreds of other fashion blogs...and I wasn't terribly pleased...
Don't get me wrong, many of the outfits were absolutely to die for. The problem was...I personally would litterally have to die to get them! Helloooo??? I'm a young highschool student without a job. I have no money to go out and by vintage pieces people! Plus, most of the girls who do these types of fashion blogs are the typical skinny, tall, and absolutely stunning chikies...
I'm one of the many who did not turn out that way. I consider myself to be of average height and size, yet...I have the hardest time finding clothes! All they show in adds are the skinny tall girls, so how the heck are we normal sized girls supposed to dress ourselves! haha
So I decided to come up with my own blog to help us normal people. So...I'm five foot four, and I have a very curvy/athletic build. Yes that means, although I have a fairly skinny waist, I have an insane bubble butt. Do you know what that means?--it means you can't really wear belts with the jeans you can finally fit over your thighs because they stick up away from your back and cause even more trouble. Plus I have very short legs and a long torso, creating the issue of short shirts and pants that go past my feet.
So to conclude, (I'm sorry I talk alot haha) I am knew to this so you'll have to bear with me. But the main idea to this blog is to provide girls of average size and social status ideas on how to dress cute and affordably.
Thank you to all who took the time to read all of this nonsensical blabber. And if any of you are vetrans to this blogging thing....HELP ME! haha send me an email with tips....
Speaking of which...if any of you have questions, suggestions, or whatever...email me at mypassionisonlyfashion@yahoo.com
Thanks :)