Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Chic and Cheap Day

Okay so I'll get that outfit post up sometime today I promise. But for is a lovely chic and cheap moment.

Outfit: from (the store of which I envy haha)

This outfit totals at $646!!

I garauntee you that I'll get this outfit under $80, just watch me work...

F21 Knit Paneled Shirt: $15.80

F21 Shredded Straight Leg Jean (medium Denim) $29.80

Keds Fashion Sneaker $27.98

Total: $73.58

Next outfit: another from shopbop

This outfit ^$836

Worthington® Long Sleeve Cardigan $14.99

F21 Progress Skinny Jean II $29.80

Keds Fashion Sneaker $27.98

Total: $72.77

Okay last outfit (another from Shopbop)

Total $855

F21 Pleated Skinny Jean $27.80

H81 Abbey Woven Shirt $18.90

F21 Long Sweater Cardigan $27.80

Payless Shoes Airwalk Flurry Moc $14.99

Total: $89.49

Enjoy!!! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stay Chic and Stay Cheep ;)

Soo....I don't have much time to go and take pictures of my outfit but watch out for Friday 'cause I have one of my BEST planned!!! So instead of one of my outfits I decided to show you guys how to dress affordably while still trying to look like some of the designer brands you like.

The first one here is from Gucci, so making a cheaper outfit will be easy peasy ;) haha. Okay so here it is...

Okay so I absolutely love! this outfit. From the gorgeous red satin top all the way to the bag!

This outfit totalled at a wopping: $3,255!!

This will be fun haha...

I know this top doesn't have a bow, but I still think it will work. Aren't the ruffles great??

F21 Satin Pintucked Top: $10.50

F21: H81 Geneva Flared Pant $22.90

Shimmer Peep Toe Pump F21: $24.80

andd..... F21 Croco Faux Leather Tote $34.80Okay so this cost more than I would usually pay since I didn't have time to show you things for cheaper, but this is still wayy better than the Gucci price. Here is my price....


And sorry for this quick post. I was gonna make it longer, but there's only one functioning computer in my house and others need to use it. Until next time...... :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monkeys, Fedoras, and Floral!!

Okay so I know I should do another one of my outfit posts but......I played in a soccer game and nooo body wants to see my outfit right now haha. So I decided to put up a fashion post that would give you more insight about me. So I chose three things: Monkeys!! Fedoras!! and Floral!! and......Demi Lovato. Okay that's four but I just had to add her in there haha. I absolutely love love love her style! And she is an amazing singer.

So let's start with my obsession of monkeys shall we? First of all this isn't any normal monkey collection..some of them are actually quite fashionable such as...

Ain't she just the cutest in those PJs? haha

These two like the simple accessories. Note the lovely hat on the right and the nice fashionable headphoens on the left haha. Oh and they're sitting on my keyboard (I just have it in there so it looks like I can play piano ha)

And then...LOOK AT THE COLOR COMBONATION ON THIS GAL!!!! I'm so jealous ;)
Okay..enough about monkeys. Now onto my fad of fedoras! They are an awesome awesome accessory. Who doesn't love the 80s!? Demi always rocks this style so well...

I want this fedora soooo bad!!! I love the feather detailing! and the light jean just pops against all the black. Point for Demi!

I love this blue fedora, shades, and Ozzy combo! Very rock chic

I really want this entire outfit!!:F21

Shiny Dot Trim Fedora $12.80
Plain purple Tee $10.80
Fab Grey Skinny Jean $12.50
Oversized Hobo Bag $18.80
Metal Aviators $5.80

Total: $60.70

So to sum up this section...Demi..Fedora...Demi...Fedoras haha. And as we move on to the floral section let's keep Demi in mind lol

I love her mix of a feminine print with a masquline leather jacket!

Floral Garden Dress $19.80
Cropped Faux Leather Jacket $39.80
F9921 Sunglasses $5.80
Rider Cage Heels: $20.80
Total: $86.20

(kind of a splurge if you want something real close to this, but with just some flats and a sweater or even a jacket from goodwill could lower the price)

And finally a gorgeous skirt and denim jacket combo!

Model Face Slub Top $12.80

Rose Garden Skirt $17.80

Alexa Denim Jacket $24.80

F9921 Sunglasses $5.80 (also in previous outfit)

Total: $61.20

Okay so I think you've learned enough about me for one post so here's a picture to some up this entire post. Talk to you later guys!!!

(my monkey, my fedora, and my F21 floral strapless dress)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Plaid and Casual

So I have time for just another quicky post, something a little more casual but still cute.

Here it is...

Okay so I usually don't like many pieces that alot of people wear. I like to be my own person, but I am in love with plaid (and the bearpaw boots from the last post haha). This is a very comfortable outfit that I wear to the park or when I babysit, or for practically anything.

The pieces are...

Grey and black tanktops: $5 from TJ Max

*Quicky Store Note: For those of you who still like designer brands but don't have the money to buy them TJ Max is a great store. They have alot of designer brands for sometimes up to 80% off the original price!!! (Be careful'll get addicted haha)

A Black bead necklace from Wal-Mart for $5

A plaid, long button down shirt from TJ Max: $15

Skinny Pull-on jeans from TJ Max: $15 These are great for people like me who can never find jeans that fit! They are spandex and rayon, which means they fit like a glove, so you do have to be comfortable showing off your lovely curves!

And last, extremely comfortable black flats from Old Navy: $10


First Outfit Post!!- Be excited!

Okay so it's like 3 am but I couldn't fall asleep sooo....

I'm going to attempt my first outfit post I guess you could call it. Please please please comment and give me feedback.

Here is the outfit (sorry for the extremely crappy photo!! Again I'm new at this)

Okay so what I am wearing is...

A beautiful and uniquely done necklace by F21 for around $4 and razer back sheer tank for $10.

A purple razer-back babydoll dress (comes with belt tie around waist that I took off for this outfit) around $15 from F21

SPLURGE ALERT: you will also see my shoe choice was my Bearpaw boots, but you could always go for a simple black flat for about $10

and last but not least...

a cute black vest with a silk-tie back I cut off of a

$15 shirt from Fred Meyer's


COST W/O BOOTS and flats instead: $54

Quick Splurge Note: If you are going to splurge on an item of clothing MAKE SURE it is worth the cost! Money can go a long way if you spend wisely. I recomend Bearpaw boots for anyone who is interested in the huge snowboot fad. They are worth the money and are much better than UGGS. Mine have lasted about a year and a half (of wearing them ALL THE TIME) through rain, mud, and snow, and they still look new.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello Internet World :)

Hey Chickies! (or dudes ;) haha).

So this is my first ever blog; exciting I know! I'm not exactly sure how to do this sort of thing so..hang with me here. I might come off as a little scatter-brained at times. Maybe it's just a blonde thing, who knows.

Anyways, as I stray away from my senseless rambling, I am a highschool student who has within the last year succombed to the world of fashion. I can't seem to help myself. It's all around me. For hours on end I would look at hundreds of other fashion blogs...and I wasn't terribly pleased...

Don't get me wrong, many of the outfits were absolutely to die for. The problem was...I personally would litterally have to die to get them! Helloooo??? I'm a young highschool student without a job. I have no money to go out and by vintage pieces people! Plus, most of the girls who do these types of fashion blogs are the typical skinny, tall, and absolutely stunning chikies...

I'm one of the many who did not turn out that way. I consider myself to be of average height and size, yet...I have the hardest time finding clothes! All they show in adds are the skinny tall girls, so how the heck are we normal sized girls supposed to dress ourselves! haha

So I decided to come up with my own blog to help us normal people. So...I'm five foot four, and I have a very curvy/athletic build. Yes that means, although I have a fairly skinny waist, I have an insane bubble butt. Do you know what that means?--it means you can't really wear belts with the jeans you can finally fit over your thighs because they stick up away from your back and cause even more trouble. Plus I have very short legs and a long torso, creating the issue of short shirts and pants that go past my feet.

So to conclude, (I'm sorry I talk alot haha) I am knew to this so you'll have to bear with me. But the main idea to this blog is to provide girls of average size and social status ideas on how to dress cute and affordably.

Thank you to all who took the time to read all of this nonsensical blabber. And if any of you are vetrans to this blogging thing....HELP ME! haha send me an email with tips....

Speaking of which...if any of you have questions, suggestions, or me at

Thanks :)